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How To Apply Factory Restoration On An HP Laptop?

HP laptops are the epitome of functionally and a modest hardware. The reason behind are not only the successful normal operations it helps perform, but also the robust anti-failure module that these devices have gotten installed. To that end, the hard disk recovery is made a lot easier that one can realize. HP Technical Support Ireland brings to you the way to perform a factory restoration on your device.

The steps that are going to be followed mostly entail restoriing you device to tis bassic and fresh farm self. this process is necessary because the reason you might require a recovery process might lie in the third party applciations that you later included. to that end, these steps are necessary.

Hp Technical Support Brings You The Steps To Acomplish The Mentioned Endeavor.

  • Step1: Access the BIOS settings. To do that, you must be vigilant and a bit of a trigger happy. Just when the system is booting, press F1 to access the BIOS settings. In optimal environments, one keystroke is enough, but it is always wise to just keep on pressing the “F1” button.
  • Step2: Accessing the BIOS settings means basically one of two things; either your system is sick and you need help, or you are trying to enhance its functionality. To that end, the HP was courteous enough to provide its user with an “I need help button”. Click on the button and then select “System recovery”.
  • Step3: Choose the file types; here, you got to have the knowledge pertaining to the file types. Once you have them, choose the file types you want to restore; these include .exe, dLL, audio videos and others
  • Step4: As already mentioned, that your system might not have recovery disk, so while you are performing the previous step, insert in a blank disc or better yet, an external hard drive.
  • Step5: Whenever a new drive is inserted into the system. It is assigned a drive letter. But for the convenience and ease, it would be better off assigning your own drive letter to it. So, assign the letter to the inserted external disk or external hard drive.
  • Step6: Once that is done, click on the next button. This would initiate the factory restoration process of the HP laptop
  • Step7: Once the recovery is done, you would need to re setup your windows software.

This provided number is completely toll -free. But do not in any way be hesitant about contacting us. HP Support Number Ireland technicians are many and our queues are mostly empty, to this end, you won't be put on hold for long times and your queries would be dealt with as soon as possible.

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