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How Do Preserve The Battery Life Of My HP Laptop?

Time passes, technology develops and consequently, more and more processor intensive features are introduced, but there is one hardware component which is almost always left behind; the Battery. HP laptops have gone through some serious upgrade in recent years and granted that the battery capacity have been increased as well, but compared to other features the development have been slow. Hell, the development to the computer features are even counterproductive to the power source development as the new additions require a lot more juice and as a result, the battery life is indeed abysmal.

Therefore, HP Support Ireland Presents Some Rudimentary Preventions To Preserve Battery Life

When it comes to preserving the power source of the laptop, it falls upon the shoulders of a user to implement some preventive, prudent and efficient measures. When thinking of possible solutions, several power sucking factors come to mind; curb them and you can preserve the battery life of your HP laptop.

Factors That Shorten The Life Cycle Of A Battery:

  • The Charge Cycles:complete charging and discharging of the laptop cell counts as one charge cycle. Each cycle is a detriment to battery life i.e. it reduces it with each cycle
  • Overcharging:Going beyond the recommended amount of charge overheats and in turn reduces the life of the component
  • Non usage:a cell needs to be active for proper functionality; leaving it unused for prolonged periods has a damaging effect on its life

There are many other factors responsible, but the above three encompass the most influential ones. With these factors in mind, preservation techniques are developed and followed through

Let Us Now Move On To Those Tips

  • Store At An Appropriate Temperature:The optimum battery storage temperature range is 20 to 25 degree Celsius. Therefore, it would suit you best to store your component in this particular temperature
  • Abstain From Using Intensive Applications:When electricity goes out, it is awfully tempting to fire up your machine and look for some gaming leisure. To this end, you must know that intensive applications dry out the battery faster
  • Minimize The Number Of Open Applications:More applications require more power. Consequently, the device discharges at a faster pace. If you want to conserve power, minimize the number of open applications
  • Abstain From Using The Wireless Connectivity:Nothing dries out the charge more than wireless connection. The entire phase of connection; including searching for open lines, connecting and maintaining that connection engorge on batteries capacity of charge. Therefore, in absence of electricity please resist connecting through wireless
  • Clean Your System On A Regular Basis:A clogged system is prone to overheat. Over heating causes the cooling fan to work double time. This double time is tantamount to double power consumption. Therefore, keep the system clean so as to prevent overheating issues
  • Change The Power Settings:ever since windows 7 entered into the fold, Windows based PC have been consuming less charge. It is because the power settings feature the operating system includes. Go to control panel -> power management -> change the power plan. The default mode is balanced, but you can set it to performance or power saver anytime that you want
  • Reduce The Screen Brightness:Monitor consumes most of the laptop’s charge. To that end, it would suit you best to turn down the brightness if you are relying only on the portable charge

These are some of the most rudimentary battery charge conservation methodologies that you can easily implement. If by chance your component is not holding any charge, ask for assistance from an HP Support Ireland. Considering the versatility of the device in Ireland, you can have access to more robust techniques pretty easily.

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